What is the general process for preschool photos?

We work with each school/organization to come up with a timeline that fits your schedule, but this gives a general idea of our process works:


  • Picture Day – individual and class photos are taken. No money due on picture day.
  • Within 10 days, proofs and order forms are returned to the school and distributed to students.
  • Orders are due approximately 1 week later. Forms of payment – check or cash.
  • Completed, packaged orders are delivered to the school within 2 weeks of the order due date.

Who do I write my check out to?


What forms of payment are expected?

Checks (payable to PictureTime)


Who do I contact if I have questions about my order?

If you have questions about ordering or your completed order, you can call or email Laurie Grover at:

• Phone: 612-840-2832

• Email:

Is there a way to view proofs or order online?

Currently, we do not offer either of these options.

Do you travel outside of Minnesota?

Yes! Many of our clients are global companies and we often have to go where the people are or the action is to get the story. Pricing works the same as it does for local shoots, however travel expenses (airfare, hotel, meals, parking, etc.) is the responsibility of our clients. We do a lot of sales meetings! Companies spend a lot of money to get their sales force from around the country/world together in once place. It can be very economical to have us come to the meeting when they meet and help leaders generate content that will extend meeting messaging for months and years.





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