We have two divisions, one committed to helping business leaders communicate to employees, shareholders and customers, and another that works with schools and athletic associations capturing moments that will be shared for a life time. In either space, we understand that you are passionate about your story.

It’s OUR passion to help you tell it.

Jeff – Chief Story Teller


Jeff Stone is a Minneapolis area photographer and video producer with over 25 years of experience. Jeff has a sales and marketing background and a communications degree from the University of Minnesota. He loves to quickly learn about the companies he works with, becoming a strategic partner who will work along side leaders to communicate vision, mission, strategy and forward objectives to employees, shareholders and customers. What began as a family trip to document missions work in central Africa in 1987, turned into a passion for telling stories with his camera, and that passion continues today!
Laurie – Photographer


Laurie’s passion for preserving memories & stories through photos created a natural fit when she started with Picture Time in September, 2013 as a photography assistant. With 20+ years of experience in administrative positions as well as owning her own business as a Creative Memories Consultant, taking on the position as School & Sports Portrait Director in September, 2016 was another natural transition. Laurie loves what she does and her goal is to create an experience for your school, organization or company that is positive, seamless, and as stress-free as possible while capturing moments that will become precious memories.


“If you think that shooting a video can’t be fun and engaging—think again. And, if you’ve ever
wondered if there’s a better way to tell your story—look no further. Jeff is a master at bringing
out the essence of your message.”

Richard Leider
International bestselling author, The Power of Purpose, Repacking Your bags, & Life Reimagined

“I’ve worked with Jeff and team for over 5 years. He has become an extension of our
company. His commitment to our mission & vision enables him to Tell our Story through our
Employees and Customers. Jeff is an expert at what he does!”

Greg Morrison | Vyaire Medical
SVP Human Resources

“People have created video for us before, but Jeff creates video that engages, tells a story and
moves people. I don’t know how he does it, but it is better!”

David Horsager
International bestselling author and Speaker
Trust Edge Leadership Institute

“Our time together was very motivating. So many ideas began to come alive. I love how you
take a sentence and turn it into a story complete with audio, scenery and actors in a matter of
minutes. Thank you…”

Carl Sweeney | Optum Technology
IT Manager, Solution Support & Maintenance Operations

“We used Picture Time to create video content for our website throughout last year. Not only
did they create videos of the highest quality, Jeff became a valuable business partner for our
company. Picture Time continues to help us build GCS brand and we greatly value their
contribution to our success.”

Alex Lehan, Founder of Grain Cleaning LLC

“To tell a story well you must know it. Jeff takes the time to listen and capture the salient points
that makes your story come to life. Furthermore, he understands that a nonprofit must have
the project come in on budget. I’ve worked with Picture Time on a number of projects over the
years and I always come back”

Michael Kraines | CHOICE, Inc.
Executive Director

“Jeff Stone and Adam Bettcher with Picture Time are two of the most amazing professionals I
have ever worked with. Jeff is truly a story teller. He takes deep pride in his work. He does the
research around the company, product, employees, etc. to create a story that truly shows the
passion and purpose his subjects are conveying. The photos and videos Jeff and Adam produce
are creative and flawless. When they are onsite, they blend in and everyone assumes they are
new team members. They have developed relationships with our employees and customers,
creating a very comfortable and friendly environment. Our employees often ask when planning
events, “Will Jeff and Adam be at this event?”
No matter where my career takes me, I will always work with Jeff and Adam for my
photography and videography services!”

Bryenne Albright, CPPM | LINX Professional Education
Lead Specialist





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