Picture Time – Portable Media Kit Shopping List

Want to tell stories around the world but don't want to fly your video person around to grab the footage?  Try shipping out this box of items and instructions, having a contact at the location capture your requested footage, and then package up the items and ship them back to you. Portable Carrying Case.  You need something heavy duty and with the air valve so that it can travel on an airplane without pressure problems. You need an HD camcorder that is easy to use and will allow the operator to insert an SD card, and an external Microphone. You'll need a small tripod to hold the camera on a desk or table top during any requested interviews. You'll need an LED, battery powered light to fill in shadows and light the subject during interviews You'll need a stand to hold the light. You'll need a bracket to hold the light that attaches to the top of the light stand. You'll need a clip-on Lavaliere Microphone to capture clear interview audio. You'll need 4 AA batteries and a charger for the LED light. And you'll need a memory card for the camera.  Once data is captured on this memory card, it can be removed and shipped to the video editor. Instructions to follow on how to set all this up.  We would include a laminated card with setup instructions and a list of potential interview questions. Please contact Jeff@pituretimemn.com with any questions. Thanks
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